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Self Inking Address Stamp

A quality rubber stamp with your address and self-inking feature

self inking rubber stamps
Self inking rubber stamps

Self-inking address stamps are just plain convenient to use in and around the office in home. A self-inking stamp takes away all of the mess and inconvenience of re-inking a stamp nearly every time you use it.

Instead, a stamp pad, which is an accessory needed with standard rubber stamps is built into the inside of the self-inking address stamp. That means, you never touch the stamp ink, and the stamp ink never touches you. The stamps internal mechanism actually inverts the rubber surface of the stamp to reapply ink to the stamp and then is turned facing the paper or stamped surface. The stamp re-inks itself so you don't have to.

1.5 inch by 3 inch Self-Inking Stamps starting at $22.75
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Self inking stamp products

Our stamp products are so easy to order you may actually have fun in the process. Certainly you will have plenty of clipart to choose from when laying out your self-inking address stamp.

As with all of our online design tools, you can upload a graphic such as your simple logo to be included with your self inking address stamp. This product is great to have around the house, and it's so simple to use and maintain that it's great choice for replacing a regularly used stamp. It's sleek, compact design will fit in any desk drawer, and the ink wont spill or get all over the place.

1.5 inch by 3 inch Self-Inking Stamps starting at $22.75
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