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Rubber Date Stamp

Dynamic rubber stamps insert the current date along with your message

dated rubber stamps

Custom date rubber stamps

Rubber date stamp making has never been easier for businesses everywhere thanks to OC Printshop. Have you tried to compare different versions of an important document and found that you can't tell what document was written first? Sure, there are plenty of other reasons to have use a rubber date stamp from OC Printshop. In addition, that is, to how easy it is to design your stamp, proof and place your order online in minutes, even with your artwork.

Basic Rubber Date Stamp for as low as $9.00
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Custom stamps

Your custom stamp can be designed for billing and accounting uses, with standard designs printed with such phrases as "PAID" or "Billed". Your rubber date stamp can also be used in the shipping and receiving area with such phrases as "Shipped" and "Received". Rubber date stamps are great for filing too, you can mark the hard copy of a fax with the date it was sent, and make filing easier in general. Our dater stamps also are useful for data entry people in recording when a hard copy has been recorded.

Basic Rubber Date Stamp for as low as $9.00
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A great way to file and organize

Custom stamps may have up to four lines of text to go along with the day's date. When you find a great way to organize your office using a rubber date stamp, you have the choice of many stock messages for your custom stamp. Try messages like "backordered" with a date. Messages like "cancelled" or "inspected" are more examples of the versatility of the rubber date stamp for your business.

Basic Rubber Date Stamp for as low as $9.00
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