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Handle mount rubber stamps

Standard rubber stamps are great around the home or office


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Handle mount stamps are the most recognizable of our stamp products, known for their reliability, low cost, and utility in many applications. Using this product requires that you use a separate stamp pad. This is the case because unlike more expensive stamps our standard stamps do not have a built-in inkpad, much like the self-inking stamps. However the standard rubber stamp remains a great choice especially when you have a simple design that is not used often.

3/8in. x 2 7/8in. Wood Handle Stamps starting at $6.50
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Affordable rubber stamps

Need to use multiple stamps in the same place? Using multiple colors? This basic design of the rubber stamp makes it easy to position compared to others and the color of ink can be changed relatively easily. Because of their lower price, they are an ideal choice for brief and infrequent use, where the inconvenience of requiring a separate inkpad is not an important concern. The separate inkpad needed with this type of stamp means you can still change your mind when it comes to what color ink to use. Simply clean the ink off of the stamp and use a different color ink pad.

3/8in. x 2 7/8in. Wood Handle Stamps starting at $6.50
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Quality stamp products

Owners of our stamps will agree that our stamp products are durable. Rubber stamps are designed to give a crisp quality impression time and time again. In fact, you can count on getting years of service from a typical handle mount stamp when stored and used under normal conditions in and around the office.

3/8in. x 2 7/8in. Wood Handle Stamps starting at $6.50
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