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Craft rubber stamps demonstrate just how many options you have when having custom stamps made. You'll never run out of uses for rubber stamps whether you are using it for business filing purposes or in crafts. Use custom rubber stamping to create frames and backgrounds for scrapbooks, greeting cards, or invitations. One of the great advantages of rubber stamps are the many options you have with special shapes. We can work with your custom design. Say whatever you choose, it's a rubber stamp.

5/8-inch circle Craft Rubber Stamp as low as $14.65
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Uses for rubber stamps

Included in our special shapes category are round shape stamps, with your artwork it can resemble a seal to use on certificates. There are so many things you can do with craft rubber stamps, and the addition of the self-inking or pre-inked features makes it a clean, convenient product. For craft use, your special shape stamp can be also used with common stamp accessories like a stamp pad, and ink.

5/8-inch circle Craft Rubber Stamp as low as $14.65
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Custom rubber stamp design

Need help in designing your rubber stamp? Try our online layout tools to choose a readable font and even a simple logo, or clipart from our extensive gallery. Your stamps will arrive quickly, and you know it'll be right the first time because your can proof your artwork online when you place your order.

5/8-inch circle Craft Rubber Stamp as low as $14.65
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